ESO: Warden healer guide by Pandross

Guide by @Pandross

Hello there hippies of Tamriel!

On this small guide, I'm going to give you a bit of information about warden healing. I see many people are using warden healers these days and it gives me great joy \o/. Now, let's start off with why would you want a warden healer in the group;

Warden healer has a nice buff and some of the strongest heals in the game when the raw healing output considered, not to mention how frickin fun to play this class itself!

Minor toughness is a passive unique to the hippies at the moment. If you think your group could use 10% extra HP, warden is the way to go! As long as you keep healing with any ability at all, the passive will proc and it should be 100% already since it’s pretty long even without Jorvuld’s Guidance set.

Keep’em ballz coming and everybody will be happy ;)

Budding seeds is one of my favorite warden healing abilities. It is a very strong burst heal when it blooms, whether you force it to bloom or it pops itself. It has a unique synergy which most tanks love, called Harvest. Great help for Alkosh uptime!

Now let’s take a deeper look into the skills themselves. Let me show you which skill sets I found the best. All the skills in your bar are there for a reason, they all have their uses. So let’s get started;

This is my healing staff bar setup.

  1. Deceptive Predator: This is an incredible wrom wrom skill. It makes you run faster by giving you Major Expedition for 5.6 seconds, increases your stamina recovery by giving you Major Endurance for 14 seconds (4 seconds and 10 seconds without Jorvuld’s) and while it’s slotted, it gives you Minor Evasion which reduces your damage taken from area attacks by 10%. I love this skill so much, I slot it mainly when I’m kiting in Asylum Sanctorium or Cloudrest but if I need to take another utility skill, this is our front bar flexible slot. Not always you’d feel the dire need of having wings (other than how awesome it looks) so you’d be swapping it with something different if the need arises.
  2. Combat Prayer: One of the essential skills of healing in general, not only on warden but on any class! Prayer has a great healing potential and 99% of the time (especially if I’m slotting Asylum’s Perfected Restoration Staff) one of my main healing spammable. It gives you and your group members Minor Berserk which increases their damage done by 8%, Minor Resolve which increases their physical resistance and Minor Ward which increases their spell resistance by 1320 for 8 seconds ( 11.2 seconds with Jorvuld’s).
  3. Healing Springs: It is the most famous group healing ability and my least favorite…. Granted, it returns 338 magicka for each target hit by the initial heal but it doesn’t have much use other than giving some heals to a group of people that loosely spread in an area. It has quite the radius so that’s a plus but please don’t become a spring spammer =(
  4. Energy Orb: My all time favorite healing ability and one of the absolute essentials of healing with any class. It heals for x amount (it entirely depends on your current buffs). Your group members pop them by using their synergy button when it flies near them and it will give them some hefty amounts of magicka or stamina back, whichever maximum is higher. It is at least 45% of my entire healing done and it is super strong as long as you’re not sending 10 of them and then nothing for a minute. Keep a steady stream of orbs going at all times. I have that little thing called orb weaving, which means that I send 1 orb every time I use a skill aside from the regular orb spam which I do withing 8 to 10 seconds from each other. You will have a constant and reliable stream of heal over time on your group, they will be able to get some of their resources back when they’re out of cooldown and you’ll have the pleasure of watching shiny, beautiful yellow orbs fly across the room. Everybody wins!
  5. Enchanted Growth: Aka shrooms. It is by far the strongest warden class heal ability. It can heal up to 6 people at a time and I’ve personally seen it crit for 25-27k per person. This skill, my friends, is why Templars hate us >:3 It goes out in a cone which gets wider the further it grows so be like 2-3 steps behind your group. It also gives you and your group members Minor Intellect which increases their magicka recovery and Minor Endurance which increases their stamina recovery by 10% for 28 seconds (20 seconds without Jorvuld’s)
  6. Ultimate Ability – Healing Thicket: This is an incredibly strong group heal ultimate. It will heal everybody that stands inside it and it will keep healing them for 4 seconds after they leave the area. So let’s say you need to run to the otherside of the room for some reason but you need some more healing. Just run through this forest and you’ll be healed immediately. On top of it, it’ll keep healing you after you’re already out of it to go to your position for 4 more seconds. It’s amazing. But in more optimized groups, you should not need to pop this ulti often, if ever. In more optimized groups, the reason to keep this ulti on front bar is the Emerald Moss passive which increases the healing your Green Balance abilities does by 2% for each Green Balance ability slotted. Which means with shrooms and healing thicket, your warden healing abilities have a total of 4% extra healing done applied to them.

This is my Destruction Staff bar setup.

  1. Elemental Drain: It is an extremely crucial ability for healers on every class. At least one healer in the group needs to have it at all times. Granted, in some groups they’re making tank run it but that is not more common than a healer to run it. Besides, tanks already have a lot in their plates, leave the poor things alone =/ This skill will apply 2 debuffs on your target. Minor Magickasteal which will passively return 300 magicka to your allies whenever they damage to the enemy and Major Breach which will reduce their spell resistance by 5280. Now the thing is, tanks already have major breach applied to the target at all times. On main boss, you’ll more responsible for the Minor Magickasteal part. But when there are more than one targets and there are no tanks around to stab them, you can help your magicka damage dealers by giving them some magicka back and reduce the target resistance by yourself. It is absolutely essential in a group that includes magicka damage dealers which is, at the moment, all of them.
  2. This is your first flex slot on your destruction staff bar. I normally rotate between Ring of Preservation (morph of the Circle of Protection, Fighter’s Guild ability) and Blood Altar. Whichever your group needs and your healing partner doesn’t have or you want to double depending on the situation (I personally don’t like both healers running altar, it’s a bit risky with the cast time).
  3. Blue Betty: This cute little rascal is a very important skill to have. It restores some small amount of magicka to you which can be neglectable but this is not the main reason for you to slot it. The main reason is that it a free purge for yourself and it gives you Major Sorcery which increases your spell damage by 20% for 27 seconds (36 seconds with Jorvuld’s) which allows you to use tristat potions in any trial without worrying about. Major Sorcery is important for healers because it’s one of the buffs that increases the overall healing done. On classes that doesn’t have a source of Major Sorcery, you’d better be using the Spell Power potions which gives you the exact same buff.
  4. Budding Seeds: This ability is one of the most useful warden skills you have. It heals a large area when it pops or if you need the immediate need of a strong area burst heal, you can click it again to pop it early. Although you rarely put this ability underneath your damage dealers. No my friend, you should reserve that skill for tanks exclusively as much as you can. The Harvest synergy is a unique synergy which no other source gives and it helps with Alkosh uptime a great deal! One of the 2 big reasons to run a warden in your group to begin with. It is a bit dodgy though, like your tank needs to be right in the middle of the ability when it’s down so practice positioning as much as you can. In most cases tanks can wiggle a bit and get the synergy anyways but try to be as precise as you possibly can.
  5. Ice Fortress: This is your best friend. This skill will make you durable as heck. You wrap yourself up in an ice armor which will give you and your group members Major Ward and Major Resolve which will increase their physical and spell resistances by 5280 and it will give you Minor Protection which will reduce your damage taken by 8% for 33.6 seconds ( 24 seconds without Jorvuld’s).
  6. War Horn: You do not change this ulti unless you have some sort of wacky optimization in your group which requires you to slot something else. War Horn is an essential skill for all healers, it’s your main ultimate ability, you should be spamming it whenever it’s up. BUT don’t forget to call it out a couple seconds before you use it because if anyone else uses it at the same time, it doesn’t stack up and it goes to waste. So yell MY HORN, wait for 2-3 seconds (5.3 seconds with Jorvuld’s! hehe kidding) and then düdüüüüt! So keep it equipped on your back bar at all times unless your raid leader tells you otherwise.

This is more or less how my warden healer looks like, stat-wise. I love running high magicka recovery, it allows me to spam more useful abilities and keep my grouped buffed, well fed for a very long period of time. When it comes to max magicka, in my humble opinion, anywhere between 31k to 34k is good enough withouth the horn. With the horn, it will boing up to 35-36k anyways so as long as you’re above 31k, you’re good to go. I know some healers run even less and that ‘s okay too! If your resource management doesn’t suffer from it and you’re making it work by not sacrificing something important, go for it! If you are inexperienced however, I’d suggest you to make your way above 31k. My max HP on the image is with the Minor Toughness buff and I’m only running 1 health glyph. My personal choice, it makes me feel comfortable being above 21k HP because by nature, healers take a bit more damage than damage dealers in general. The image above is with Olorime-Jorvuld’s combo. Let me give you a little bit of an insider on sets that you’ll have to have on all your healers at all times;

Jorvuld’s Guidance

One of the essential healing sets in the game. Not only you will be increasing your own buff durations by considerable amount, Major Force from the Aggressive War Horn ultimate is going to be 13.3 seconds instead of 9.5. It is an incredibly useful and important set, you can run it on one healer or on both healers for a bit more extra damage output for your group.

Vestment of Olorime

This is another absolutely essential healing set in the game. You need 1 of these bad bois in the group (2 if the group is too far apart for your healer to put it on both stacks). It leaves an aoe on the ground which gives your group members a buff called Major Courage, which increases their Weapon and Spell Damage by 258 for 30 seconds (42 seconds with Jorvuld’s, it’s amazing).

You’d be better off with pairing this with the other set above, Jorvuld’s Guidance for extra uptime on it. It gives your damage dealers freedom to move as they wish around while the buff is still active. All they have to do is to walk over it and they’re good to go. One place I know that jorvuld’s – olorime combo is great is cloudrest. Put the olorime down before your damage dealers go to the shadow realm and they’ll have 42 seconds of major courage on them! For some teams, it’s even enough time to finish shadow realm and come back to the group. It is incredibly useful.

Worm’s Raiment Set

Now my friends, this is one of those situational sets. I have pretty mixed feelings about this particular one at the moment because in many cases, especially the optimized groups don’t really run enough magicka dps classes for this to be effective. However, I personally like to have this in the group if the healers or tanks need to spam expensive abilities like Purge on the group, in which case this lil guy comes in very handy. For any other situation? I’m not too sure. Still you need to have this at your disposal at all times in case you end up in a group that would require it. Either by nature or by the group leader.

Sanctuary Set

This set is extremely situational. You’ll put this on if your group, in general needs more healing taken from all sources. The beautiful thing about this set is that it doesn’t only increase your own healing done to your group, it increases their self heals as well! I personally love this set but again, it is 100% situational. I use this to feel extra safe in an environment where heavy healing is required throughout the fight.

Infallable Aether

I know, I know… What does a damage set is doing amongst the healing sets. Well my friends, this set is actually useful when you keep it up on the targets because it puts Minor Vulnerability on your target which increases their damage taken from all sources. No matter if you have stamina or magicka damage dealers in your group, this will increase all their damage. Since heavy or even medium attacking is a dps loss in current meta, it is best if a healer or a tank is using it. Again, tanks have a lot on their plates. Leave them alone! This set is a bit tough to keep up for inexperienced healers, you will forget about it often until you get used to it. But the trick is that you actually don’t need to do a fully charged heavy attack to activate this set! Hold down your left mouse button for 2 seconds which is the equivalent of a medium attack and it will already apply the effect on the target! Heavy attacking on a healer is a bad habit, don’t do it unless you really really have to. Which means there is something wrong with your build that needs attention.

There are some other sets that are very useful on healers but they’re even more situational than these. Ebon Armory is used on healers in Cloudrest group healing even though it’s a heavy armor set ( jewelry and resto/destroy staves. Hint hint), Powerful Assault even though it’s a medium armor set etc. These are advanced sets for advanced group optimization. The ones I listed above are the sets that you have to have at your disposal and ready to combine with each other at any time. Please don’t be that healer and keep saying I can do that combination or I don’t have that set. Go farm it and get it ready, it is your responsibility to keep them available.

As for the monster sets, there are 3 main healing sets that I like;

This is my favorite healing monster set. It procs on cooldown so it’s always on the ground, works perfectly especially in big stacks.

Situational burst heal set. Not my favorite but it can be a lifesaver if your group members tend to put themselves into OH SHIT situations more often than not. Currently, some tanks are also wearing it so you might not have to unless your tank is too far away from you most of the time.

A stamina support set that gives stamina to the group members when they stand inside it. This little guy will hop out of a vent on the ground, crawl to the stack of people and stay there for 8 seconds. Very useful if you have so many stamina players or mechanics that requires constant block – break free – roll dodge at any time.

Now that we’ve covered most of the stuff, the last bit of information are the race, enchantments, mundus and champion points. These things have always been a topic of debate in the healing community in the game and everybody have their own personal choice. I will tell you what I find to be the most useful.

Race – Breton

Why Breton and not slave? EHEM I mean Argonian? I have several reasons for this. First of all, I find Breton to be a lot more durable than Argonians. The extra spell resistance is not something that should be left out. It allows me to take more beating and put some points away from spell shield cp. You get a passive that gives you all 3 resources when you play an Argonian but you’re already free to use tri stat potion as a warden which makes that passive redundant. Extra HP is of no use for healers after a certain amount except for the situational places like vAS front kiting where you have to have a relatively high max HP. Extra healing done, in my opinion is a waste because your healing done will be already more than enough if you set your character up correctly. I went full retard more than once and entered difficult trials like vmol hard mode, vhof hardmode, veteran asylum sanctorium hardmode etc with FULL DPS CP ALLIGNMENT and the healing was still fine. So extra 5% healing done and received does not make as big of a difference as you might think. Again, this is 100% my personal preference. If you like lizards, go for it.


I always run with 6 light armor and 1 heavy head piece. Chest – infused – Tri Stat Enchant / Head – Infused – Tri stat Enchant and rest magicka or 1 health on legs if extra hp needed. On my weapons, I normally run crusher on heal and weakening on destro bar if there is any source of Minor Vulnerability available in the group. If not, switch one of the flexible slots to lightning blockade and put shock enchant on destruction staff for the uptimes. If the crusher is of no issue, I sometimes run double weakening or berserker heal – weakening destro bar.

Mundus Stone – The Atronach

I love Atro mundus. It gives you a hefty amount of magicka recovery which you turn into healing and resource management for your group. For me, it is the best mundus because it allows you to spam stuff a lot longer which in turn increases your effectiveness as a healer.

Champion Points

I found this CP alignment to be the optimal for all situations. The only thing I change around are the green CPs because different trials requires different utility tool to be used more often than the other. If you need to block more, go with block cost reduction. Same for roll dodging, sprinting or breaking free. I have tested this red CP in all the trials in the game, regular vet and hardmode and it works perfectly for any situation. It is kinda of an all around alignment so works for any situation. If you feel like it’s not for you, you should fine tune it to your liking! After all, we all have different tastes and groups to do stuff with. The thing that is working for me might not work for you. Take this as a guideline and tune it for yourself!

Let me close this article with this small reminder friends. You are healers, not combat medics. Don’t get used to spamming healing springs or on Templar, Breath of Life. Think about all the utilities you have at your disposal and how much you can elevate your group by using them correctly. Get used to sending orbs more, using combat prayer more than healing springs and practice keeping up your buffs/debuffs at all times. Healing is not an easy job to do, when you try to do it correctly. You will never thrive if you go lazy and just settle with getting by. Heal your group, yes, but keep in mind that healing them does not mean spamming one skill over and over and forgetting about everything else. Damage dealers are counting on you to increase their dps so that the fights can become more comfortable for everyone. Tanks are looking forward to your synergies so that they can use their utilities to help the group. You’re important, don’t settle with mediocre. Always try to do more. In the future, with more changes in the game there might be changes on this guide as well so keep an eye out.

Have fun and may the force be with you o7 - @Pandross


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